Specific Items That Should Never Be Stored In A Personal Storage Unit
Specific Items That Should Never Be Stored In A Personal Storage Unit

Food and Other Commodities That Spoil Quickly

When you go to get anything from your storage facility, the last thing you want to see is that everything is coated with mould. Because of this, we do not advise you to keep food or other perishable commodities unless the items in issue are adequately secured or packaged in a manner that prevents contamination.

Items of this sort have the potential to attract pests and other unwelcome guests, which is certainly not something you would want to find in your storage unit.


We would like to stress that we do not promote the practice of storing any sort of live creature in a self-storage unit, especially in light of a recent news story of a lady who misplaced her hamster in a storage box and ended up taking it to her storage unit in an attempt to find it.

This encompasses not just fish and animals, but also birds and reptiles, as evidenced by the recent finding made in Calgary.

Materials That Can Catch Fire or Burn Easily

It might not seem necessary to mention this, but you should not keep any cleaning chemicals, gasoline, paint, gas, or oil in your unit. Additionally, you do not store gas. Because of their potential to catch fire, each of these things represents a potential threat to the entirety of the building.

If you are confused about whether or not something can be stored, one question to ask yourself is whether or not it is flammable. If the question can be answered in the affirmative, you will likely need to look for another location to store it. For users looking for storage see we highly recommend Blue Box Storage.

Munitions, Explosives, Firearms, or Other Types of Weaponry

According to the Guns Rules of 1998, these goods have to be kept in a safe place where they are inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, which are defined as those who do not possess valid firearms certificates. It has been determined by the police that they should be kept in a locked gun cabinet or another type of safe container. This is strongly advised.

Due to the fact that our website is visited by a variety of customers and the storage facility is not legally considered to be your property, the evaluation of the safety of your unit will not be suitable for the storage of firearms and other explosive devices, which is especially unfortunate given the fact that these items pose a risk.

Biological Organisms, Radioactive Materials, or Chemical Substances

Most storage units are not approved places that are allowed to lawfully store radioactive materials since there are only a limited number of locations that meet the requirements. In addition to that, additional chemicals and hazardous materials are regarded as intrinsically harmful, and it is impossible to keep them because they provide a threat to the site's safety.

Toxic garbage, asbestos, propane tanks, kerosene, acids, and anything else flammable or combustible that we listed earlier are all included in this category of objects.

Illegal Things

If you are not the legally recognized owner of an item, you are not allowed to put it in a storage unit and you should not store it in your own home either.

This includes counterfeit things, smuggled commodities like cigarettes, illegal alcohol, unlicensed pharmaceuticals, and dangerous goods. This also covers objects or goods that are illegal, such as those listed above.