Advantages Of Marble Worktops
Advantages Of Marble Worktops

Timeless elegance

Varieties of marble such as Negro Marquina, green Indian, beige Crema Marfil, as well as Blanco Carara, and Ibiza are a kind of material that will remain forever, no matter how much time has passed. So what is the secret of marble? Its warmth and beauty make it possible for unique environments to be created.

The colors that they represent also make it possible to combine them with different tones or other materials, which opens up endless possibilities for interior designers and architects.


Nature provides your marble worktops with great strength. That feature will handle any potential scratches and impacts that they might be subjected to. That's why people tend to prefer marble floors.

Heat resistance

Baking and kitchen professionals are fully committed to marble being used in their kitchens since it helps with keeping them cool. This feature provides the ideal worktop for bakers in marble form.

Marble also offers another appreciated feature with its ability to resist high temperatures. But we still recommend that you use a worktop protector to keep the surface protected from hot pans and pots.


Recently the market has been flooded with a large influx of products that are made out of imitating materials. However, to date, none of them have been able to match the character of marble.

One of the main advantages of using a marble worktop is given that they are 100% natural, they have unique colors and patterns, which makes them even more exclusive.


If you would like to have a worktop that lasts for the rest of your life, select marble. To affirm this, just look at the material that all of the great historical buildings are made out of. Vatican City or Saint Peter's Basilica is a great example of this.

So it is safe to say, long live marble!


Although it might not seem like it, depending on the kind of marble, it is often more cost-effective compared to imitation materials and certain kinds of granite. So price should not be a significant impediment when choosing a marble worktop.

if you have a tight budget, we suggest that you ask several suppliers for information and shop around. Compare prices and compare the advantages that different kinds of worktops have to offer.


Marble polishing makes it possible for us to bring it into the light and extract its natural beauty and strength. Its ability for irradiating natural shine provides a unique environment and is reflected in your kitchen or bathroom.


Depending on its specific finish, marble is able to adapt to various characters. its flexibility makes it possible to create quite different kinds of environments. This allows the same material to be used in both classical and minimalist environments, which is quite an amazing feat.

Cleaning a marble worktop

In this situation, you must forget all home remedies for cleaning marble and avoid using vinegar and lemon. Each solution will rely on some form of stain. In cases of coffee, wine, or rust, 100 vol. peroxide must be applied and rinsed with lots of soap and water.

Marble is a very porous material, so you will need to act quickly so that the stain does not penetrate any further.

Wide selection of finishes

The final advantage of using a marble worktop is they are available in different kinds of finishes. The following are the most common kinds of edge:

  • Half bull nose: With this kind of edge, the top gets smoothed in order to make it round.
  • Square: the edges are the same width and are straight.
  • Mitre joint: the edge apron of the worktop can be as high as 8cm in this case. An apron is a vertical panel located on the edge of the worktop.