How Double Glazing Windows are Sold?
How Double Glazing Windows are Sold?

A salesperson that specializes in selling double-glazed windows is typically ridiculed in the media. A lot of the companies that sell double-glazed windows do not train their salespeople appropriately. They usually cheap out on training so they are unprepared to properly qualify their prospects.

Also, they are paid on a commission basis. This forces them into incentivizing purchases that aren't necessarily the right ones they should be selling. The majority of their training focuses on upselling and how to counter any objections. The training teaches salespeople to try to get both decision-makers into the room or on the call with one another.

After all, one of the more common objections a salesperson will get is "my wife or husband isn't home." This is why a lot of salespeople will try to lure both onto the call with one another. That way, both decision-makers are present to close the sale.

Anyone in sales that spends a lot of time trashing their competition is usually doing so to justify the higher prices of their products. The double-glazing products you will find in the marketplace do have differentiating factors. There are differences in the profile systems. Some have more insulating chambers and some can take on triple-glazed windows. The locking mechanisms can be very different when it comes to the doors.

A lot of the cheaper Euro-cylinders that are usually imported from the Eastern parts of the world can be easily broken into. Whereas, the more quality varieties tend to be much more difficult as they have thicker and more durable materials. It's a red flag when a salesperson tries to sell you on the idea that aluminium will give you too much condensation or that timber isn't a good choice because of rotting. While the cheaper wood you can choose from does rot, you can find long-lasting wood like Accoya that can last as many as 10 years or more.

Every product no matter the material will come with guidelines that you will want to follow to properly maintain them. Don't listen to any salesperson that tries to sell you on the idea that they are selling maintenance-free products. It doesn't matter if they are windows or doors, nothing is free from needing maintenance. You will always need to do some lubrication or cleaning to keep them long-lasting.


This is typically where you will spot the majority of the differences between the companies. A lot of companies have staff that gets paid on commission. They tend to use a lot of the older sales strategies by starting with a very high price and inching down.

Once they get further in on the sales pitch, they will start to talk about having a one-time offer that isn't going to last longer. If they fail to make the sale with the added incentive, they will usually go to speak with their manager to get a managed approved special "one-time offer" that needs a decision at the moment. This is to pressure you into making the deal right then and there.

You Will Find Sales People Over Promising Everywhere

Any window that is installed in-render is usually going to need to get re-rendered. The majority of the windows will not include various extras like decorating or internal plastering. A lot of them will require minor re-decoration and you can expect to have an add-on cost associated with it.