Double Glazing Sales And The Way Windows Are Sold
Double Glazing Sales And The Way Windows Are Sold

Double-glazing salespeople are often criticized by the media, and in some cases for very good reasons. National double-glazing companies employ staff that only earn commission and in some cases with virtually no training on the products that they are selling. Most of the training that is provided to the commission-only sales staff from the big double-glazing firms is highly centered around sales tactics, such as how to deal with objections, sell finance, or how close sales during the evening.

This is also why they typically insist that married partners are both present during a sales call. The easiest objection that most consumers use is "I cannot place the order until my partner has approved". So this is the reason why they insist you should both be on the call. We are in the process of hiring experienced double-glazing salespeople if you would like to join the KJM team.

Salespeople that spend a lot of their time "rubbishing" the opposition, might be doing this to justify their exorbitant prices. Double-glazing products may certainly differ and there are now many different types of profile systems to choose from, and obviously, some of these products will be better when compared to others. Some of these systems can include extra insulating chambers and systems that can accept a larger triple-glazed unit for example.

Locking mechanisms can also vary, especially when it comes to doors. Cheap euro-cylinders that usually come from the Far East can be snapped with ease when using a simple pair of mole grips, while decent locks should withstand several attempts to drill the lock out or snap them.

Be wary of the salespeople that tell you that timber will rot or aluminum is prone to condensation. Once again there is a difference since cheap softwood windows will rot, while a softwood such as Accoya may last for many decades. Every product regardless of what type of material is used will come with a guarantee and guidelines for routine maintenance to ensure longer service life.

Disregard any person that tries to tell you that a product or system is maintenance-free. This term is frequently used in this industry, but no window or door will be completely maintenance-free. They all require some level of lubrication, adjustment, or cleaning at regular intervals over their lifespan.

Getting A Double-Glazing Quotation Or Pricing

This is where you will find dramatic differences between companies. The commission-only salespeople will use an age-old tactic by starting with the highest prices. As the sale call progresses you will notice the price will start to drop to the "special one-off price that will never be repeated".

If this fails to work, they will go after calling their manager (this is often the wife). The call may sound something like "I have reached the bottom of my allowed discount structure is there anything you can do?" Then they will pause for a while and then say "That's great they will be delighted" and then end the call.

You will then receive another call to say they have managed to secure a further discount. This offer will be very time-limited and you can only take advantage of it at night. This puts even additional pressure on the person to sign up right then.

Salespeople are trained to "promise the earth".

Windows that are installed "in render", will most likely require re-rendering, since many companies do not include decorating. The same applies to internal-plaster work. To a certain degree, a certain level of re-decoration is needed and this is something that is never usually included.