How Microsoft Teams Revolutionised The Modern Business
How Microsoft Teams Revolutionised The Modern Business

The Rise of the GIF

The GIF is now more than acceptable when it comes to quickly and succinctly expressing opinion or emotion. That nor only allows employees to save time by cutting down the necessity for long emails, but it makes sharing opinions simply that much easier. A frowning face GIF can say more than words could ever when it comes to unpopular management decisions (for instance). GIFs are that perfect balance of the social and the secure - all made possible by Teams Chat.

Relaxed Productivity

It was not so long ago that the dream of every office worker was to be able to work from home while still wearing their PJs. That dream has now become a reality. Some productivity gurus still maintain that your dress is a reflection of your professionalism - but most people are thriving under the more relaxed dress code. Teams video is not an essential tool, just make sure that you still look sharp, at least from the waist up. If you're interested to learn more, check out Microsoft Teams managed services.

Remote is the New Reality

Now employees can remain productive irrespective of where they are located. You could join in a meeting from the garden or from the boardroom, thanks to the simulated background feature of Teams. The huge selection of backgrounds stimulates creativity and productivity - and inspires at the same time. Even groups can enjoy the simulated backdrop feature. Perhaps you feel that a coffee shop or auditorium background is the ideal choice - the selection means that there is something for each and every occasion.

Tag - You're it

Forget boring 'read receipts' - tags have made the phrase 'sorry, didn't get your mail' completely redundant. Employees can now '@ tag' associates anywhere in Teams - to ensure that communication issues are a thing of the past. Just like popular apps such as WhatsApp employees now know that a message has been received and read. There's no more possibility of shirking responsibility - however, employees still need to avoid harassing their colleagues. Remember, phones still work.

Effective Collaboration

Prior to COVID-19, there was a widespread belief that colleagues needed to physically gather in the bricks and mortar work in order to collaborate. However, Microsoft Teams has changed that. People can now collaborate across departments and even organizations, irrespective of the platform being used. Sharing screens and documents is simplicity itself - and neat features such as virtual whiteboards mean that brainstorming is now more effective and productive than ever before.

Reach out to External Stakeholders

Collaboration beyond the confines of the organization is now more effective - and access control is simple. Choose what data and content to share - and have the reassurance of knowing that company intellectual property is protected.

Scheduling and Prioritising is Easy

'My Analytics' allows employees to maximize productivity. And focus on the task at hand without fear of disturbance. It provides tools that automatically schedule 'focus time' - and lets others know that you should not be disturbed. Gone are the days of booking time for fictitious meetings just so that you have time to think.

Never Miss Vital Information

Swamped and don't have time to attend that important meeting? Make use of Microsoft Teams - and its ability to record meetings for later review. There is also the ability for the meeting host to obtain an automatic transcription of the meeting - so meeting notes are always available for review when you come up for air.

So Long Desk Phones

Mobile is the way that business is conducted in the 21st century. Teams for Telephony reroute calls to your mobile device. Spend some time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air - time is too precious to spend every moment behind a desk. Walk and talk - and enjoy the best of both worlds.