The Joys Of Sailing
The Joys Of Sailing

The Freedom of Sailing

There is no feeling quite like leaving the harbor in the distance and seeing the sails fill as the sea breeze blows and the first curls of white water gather at the bow. Without the noise of an engine and with seemingly no effort you head toward the horizon on the wings of the wind, the coast fading into the distance.

As you head deeper into the blue expanse you embrace freedom. Landbound you are pulled in different directions, taking corners that may lead only to dead ends. At sea you are master of your own destiny - your happiness is the result of your own actions. Choices abound - and the route you take is entirely up to you.

Deceleration - something we have lost

How do we enjoy calm? How many moments have passed since you you found that place that would allow you to breathe deeply and slow down?

Set sail and soon you will find that lace of blessed rest. A place where your mind and body can simply drift. Away from the noise and distraction of the crowd and the stresses of modern life. It is you, the water and the breeze that blows across your skin, the sound of wavelets gently clapping against the hull. Meditating in this place becomes easier.

A Voyage of Discovery

Sailing, by its nature, is setting off for parts unknown - and discovering the joy of empty spaces during the journey. Sometimes these places are so remote they can only be reached by sea.

Sailing means the freedom to be flexible - it means the freedom to head towards any bay or inlet that you spy from afar, binoculars in hand. Reach these places of quiet freedom and drop anchor. Find that deserted and placid paradise - channel your inner Robinson Crusoe. If you are thinking of going sailing I would highly recommend seeingĀ Wickenroy Pavitt.

Sail and be One with Nature

Many of us long for the embrace of Mother Nature.

Sailing allows us to enjoy that embrace. Wind and water are the elements that are at the heart of the sailing experience - and while sailing you are part of that timeless equation. You partner with those elements, they sometimes challenge you, and sometimes you must fight against them to win your place on the water.

A close-knit Community

Becoming part of the sailing community will allow you to experience something miraculous. You will step back in time to a past where pirates and privateers ruled the oceans and seas. You have the freedom to explore - and discover treasures that only the sea has to offer.

You will form close bonds with those who call the sea their home - and live aboard their boats. Those are the people with smiles as broad as the horizon and that special, knowing sparkle in their eyes.

At sea and on board a problem shared is a problem halved, you are never alone. A support structure is always available, especially when it comes to those technical difficulties that are part and parcel of marine life. The tech-savvy sailing community, with its forums, at ports across the globe and even on the high seas is there to help. It is a bastion of sail-based comradeship.

Sailing is not as expensive as you think

If you think that a sailing adventure will break the bank, you may be in for a surprise. There are numerous day trip options and introductory trips on the Baltic sea coast and the German North Sea that can cost as little as 50 to 75 euros.

These trips typically last around 4 hours - and will provide you with a glimpse of the joy of sailing. Once you have completed your introduction to the wonders of sail you can then make the decision of whether a boat would be better for you than that condo.

Sailing can transform your life

The stresses of the modern world cause many people to examine their life choices - and sometimes rethink the path that they are taking. Many are choosing an alternative lifestyle - and leisure time is becoming increasingly rare and important. There is a growing number of people clambering for freedom and independence.

Taking a day trip and watching the sea part as the bows cut through the waves, and setting sail for far shores can inspire, fascinate and provide the impulse to simply explore far shores - and what makes us, as human beings tick. What you make of the experience is entirely up to you.