Typically Britain
Typically Britain

1. Football, also known as Soccer

The British invented soccer - and it's now more popular than any other sport in the world. If you follow soccer/football you will have some idea of just how seriously those who call the United Kingdom take the sport.

It is quite simply a way of life, for both men and women. Clubs such as Manchester United or Rangers have fans spread across the globe.

2. The Humor and Slang of Great Britain

The whole of the English language could be mentioned - but that seems fairly obvious. I have instead decided to examine the humour and slang of the United Kingdom - both of which have achieved a measure of global fame.

It is characterized by sarcasm and wit, with healthy doses of cutting irony and off-color references.

3. The Royal Family

There are many countries that boast their fair share of royals, but the British Royal Family still garners respect for their part in what was once a mighty empire.

Of course, Britain is also known for its history and the castles of many noblemen associated with royalty, as well as the castles of the royal family itself.

4. Notable Famous People

For a small island, Britain punches far above its weight class when it comes to famous and talented noteworthies.

One thinks immediately of famous people such as Shakespeare and in more recent times the Beetles and David Beckham. And that is merely the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to those who are famous.

5. Beer and the Pub Culture

There are some magnificent beers that are brewed across the globe, but in Britain, the pubs are as important as the beers that they serve.

'Going down to the pub' is a phrase heard extremely frequently, it's a daily ritual. It's a place to gather with friends, watch the football or shoot some pool with a pint of beer at the ready. The UK is also known for private parties being organised with the help of a party venue hire.

6. Wimbledon

My knowledge of Wimbledon is limited. I do know that it is possibly the most famous tennis tournament in the world - and it takes place in the United Kingdom in a suburb of the same name.

But Wimbledon is not only a suburb of London, it has become synonymous with tennis - and throngs of fans visit the country to attend the tournament each year.

7. Inclement Weather

It isn't always gloomy or raining in Britain, but it has built a reputation for gloom. This is perhaps thanks to the global media that seems to make it a point to mention the weather at every available opportunity. The weather in Britain has achieved a measure of fame.

8. Stonehenge

The origins of Stonehenge are lost in the mists of time - but research has indicated that the first stones were made many thousands of years ago. It is a mysterious and captivating site.

The looming stone monoliths and lintels have a fascinating history - and were designed (at least in part) to track the movements of celestial bodies. Its fame has contributed to it being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Fish and Chips

What visit to Britain would be complete without sampling the world-famous fish and chips? It may not have the respect that other menu items from across the globe have, but it has become famous in its own right. It's one of the ultimate comfort dishes, a huge plate of freshly deep-fried fish and crispy potato chips.

10. Afternoon Tea

Tea is possibly one of the most important beverages in British culture. It is impossible to imagine Great Britain without the comfort of knowing that a cup of tea is always within reach.

Afternoon tea adds finger foods, both savoury (such as cucumber sandwiches), but also baked or sweet, including the famous scones with jam and freshly whipped cream and crumpets.