What makes a good estate agent?
What makes a good estate agent?

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become a great estate agent, and it is going to involve mastering the basic skills: communication, marketing, and negotiation. You have to be passionate when it comes to getting sellers the best possible deal; finding buyers the perfect home for them.

Personal connection

This involves the use of your communication skills and personality to market yourself and your properties. Being a good estate agent can be about your brand.

It is important to create a rapport with people; sellers and buyers should feel like they know you. This doesn’t have to be only when communicating face-to-face. The online world has become an important aspect of this career; it is a great way to connect with customers. Social media has made this easier. Take advantage of your immediate and extended circle of social media contacts to keep them updated and connect with them.

The art of negotiation

This is an important skill you need to become the chosen agent and secure a sale at the level the seller needs. Negotiations skills are going to set you apart from the rest. Different agents have different ways of marketing their properties. There are some who take photos and then put them on boards. Some focus on fees or services provided. Every agent has their Unique Selling Point. The one skilled in negotiation is going to take it. If you see how agents are good at negotiations and talking with their clients, you will be impressed.

The sellers are not going to look for another agent to help them sell when they know how hard the agent worked to get them a good offer.

Customer experience

The customer is the most important person, you need to give them the best services. There is a wide range of customers you are going to deal with as a real estate agent – buyers, sellers, brokers, etc. and you need to make sure each customer you come across gets the best service. You can go the extra mile and get to know them so that you can be confident when you offer them a property. One of the best feelings as an agent is when a client loves the property you showed them enough to put in an offer.

Agents have to get the marketing proposition, floor plan services, and valuation right so the sellers are going to receive the best price. It involves assessing their needs and not just a huge offer. People put their properties on the market so they can sell and move, not because they are interested in working with estate agents. You need to provide your clients with a 6-star service every time without fail.

There is always something you can do to go the extra step and help your clients. Customers expect the agent they choose to sell the house no matter who it is, but the experience they have during the process is going to make them remember you and recommend you to their friends and family.

Being real and building trust

It is important to be passionate and have a good understanding of the industry. People know when someone isn’t being genuine. Being real is going to build trust. If you don’t have passion, they are going to see it and it makes it hard for them to trust you. When you are real, the customer will see you and they are going to trust you.

Genuine customer service is important. You need to have the best interest of the customer at heart, not pretending. If you manage to do this, you are going to see good results and the customer will be happy to work with you. That customer is going to be yours for life.